We just wrapped up watching Halloween, and we’re about to pop The Exorcist into the DVD player, so it must be Halloween night!

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Another make-up post, squeaking in just under the wire (1 more hour until the end of MoFo on the west coast!). This was supposed to be from last week, but life and party prep got all lifey and stressful and we just didn’t get it done. I thought it’d make a nice Halloween dessert, so I made it today!

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I’ve talked about our Birthoween parties both here and on Instagram, and for this final MoFo Halloween prompt, I’m going to show you what I made for this year’s Birthoween party, which we threw this past Friday.


Monster snot! (Spooky queso with black beans, black olives, and home-canned rotel – and boo chips.)

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We take Thanksgiving very seriously around here. I mean, when you love food as much as we do, you have to take the opportunity to make way, way too much of it and share it with your family!

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We’re definitely playing catch-up today here at the Fake Meat & True Love house after a week of party planning, holding said party, and binge-watching the new season of Stranger Things. Thursday’s prompt was “Meals for the young (at heart)”. We wanted to pick something that we loved when we were young, but make it a bit more “grown up” and fancy.

For both Sarra and I, many a childhood meal consisted of fish sticks and macaroni and cheese. We both liked our fish sticks with ketchup, but Sarra usually skipped the ketchup if there was macaroni and cheese available, since she could dip the fish sticks right in the excess cheese sauce from the macaroni. We both loved it, and since it’s a classic slice of Americana on a plate, it’s still right up our alley. So then, how can we make it better? Well, read on to find out!

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Today’s prompt: History – What would you cook for your favorite historical figure? Well, our pick for this prompt leans a little more towards celebrity rather than historical, and by historical, we mean famous starting this time last year. Why are we twisting it so far? Well, we spent a large chunk of our weekend binge watching Season 2 of Stranger Things. The first season absolutely blew our minds, so we new that we would need to set aside time to watch it right away. I could go on and on, but we really should be talking about food here on our food blog. Continue reading

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Making the humble potato the star of the show.

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Catching Up with Vegan MoFo, day 28: Brunch!

The MoFo prompt for day 28 calls brunch “the under appreciated get-together meal”, but only half that sentence is actually true in our house. A get-together meal? Definitely! Brunch is almost always better when shared with friends, whether it be at a restaurant or homemade brunch shared around your dining room table. But under-appreciated? No way! We LOVE brunch! Brunch has been my favorite meal for my entire adulthood, and I can’t imagine that ever changing. I’m not sure we could appreciate brunch any more than we already do – but we’ll keep trying!


Are waffles the best brunch food? Trick question! All brunch foods are the best brunch foods.

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Vegan MoFo, Day 25, Cook for your Best Friend

When I was a teenager, my mom hung a cross-stitch on the wall that read “Happiness is being married to your best friend.” I thought it was so cheesy at the time (get it, it’s cheese week, haha!), but it turns out that little piece of craft work had it all figured out. Being married to your best friend is really amazing. We love to spend time together, and it doesn’t matter what we’re doing, it’s always so much better together. Continue reading

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We’ve got a lot going on lately! In fact, this week we happen to be preparing for a party we’re throwing this coming Friday night. Due to busy-ness, I decided to approach this prompt differently than I might otherwise have during a less busy week. Instead of making party food, I thought I’d showcase foods we’ve made for parties in the past.


Chicken enchilada dip and pizza dip – just two of the reasons Mike calls me the Dip Queen of the Vegan Scene (I’m not, but that sure is cute).

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